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The accumulator is one of the most common types of multiple bet out there. It is very popular with UK players. It is not surprising to see that there are so many accumulator offers out there.

After all, this is not very surprising if you think that for a long time Britain has been obsessed with the footy pools which was, in fact, an accumulator that could have delivered huge wins. Also, it was only 20 years ago that the ‘minimum treble’ rule was abolished and it becomes possible also to place single bets on football.

Lots of Accumulator Offers Available

UK betting sites know well that we love accumulators and for this reason, they are competing hard on this space and are offering regular bonuses, free bets, money back insurance regularly. Accumulators are now possible on many different sports like golf, tennis, rugby and so on. If you want to place an accumulator on any sport you should always consider taking advantage of the offers available. In this section, we have selected the best accumulator bonuses, free bet and acca insurance so that you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Different Types Of Sports Acca Promos

Acca bets

There are three main types of accumulator promotion to watch out for and those are: acca free bet clubs, accumulator insurance money back offers and accumulator bonuses. All these types of deals are different. Ultimately you should select the ones you feel more confident with and also that it will work towards your betting objective.

What is Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you protection if one of your selections in your acca will lose. Lots of punters do like this offer especially when they feel one of the selections in the acca might be riskier than the others. By taking advantage of an acca insurance you effectively mitigating the risk that if one of the selections fail, you will at the very least get your cash back.

Insurance offers tend to work better if you are placing accas with a minimum selection number of 4 to 6. You can use the acca insurance also on accumulators with more selections. The value of the insurance does decrease in this case as there are more opportunities that more than one selection will fail.

Acca bonus is a type of enhanced odds offer

The accumulator bonus is a specific type of enhanced odds offer. With this offer, you will get a percentage enhanced if all your selections will be a winning one. Surely this can be more profitable than acca insurance but on the flip side, it doesn’t give the protection so even if only one selection will fail you will lose everything. We suggest going for the accumulator bonus if you are extremely confident that the selections you have picked will in fact win. Bonus deals usually are tiered so you will need to place a large accumulator to secure the best possible rates.

Accumulator Free Bet Clubs: A recent type of accumulator offer

Accumulator free bet clubs are a more recent type of offers. This type of promotion is particularly useful for those punters that place a large number of accas every week: this is because you can get around 20% of your stake back that can be used as a free bet. The great thing about these free bet clubs is that they can normally be used in addition to multiple promotions increasing the overall value of the deal.

When to use Acca Insurance?

We suggest selecting the acca promo depending on the level of confidence you have in your bet. Insurance offers should be used when accumulators are particularly risky: the return, in this case, would be lower. Acca bonuses, on the other hand, should be used for those accumulators that we believe have an excellent chance of winning. Depending on the stake the returns can be significant with this type of promotion.

Free bets are perfect for those punters that are placing several acca bets a week and they want to get some reward for their loyalty bonuses. Free bets can usually be combined with the first two types so it is a no-brainer to take advantage of those.

How To Win An Accumulator Bet

Acca Bet Slip

To win an accumulator bet you need all the selections to win: you will then get a cumulative payout which is significantly larger than the payout you would get if you were backing all the selections as singles. Below we have provided some tips that might help you win more when placing accumulators bet:

Make the most of accumulator offers

Bookmakers have a huge amount of accumulator offers, a lot more than on single bets. The reason for this is that they do have higher margins on accas compared with singles bets. The bigger the acca the bigger is the betting site margin. Accas are a low value for customers and this is why betting sites are promoting them. Despite singles have more value, punters still love accas. It is therefore important to take advantage of as many betting promotions as possible to reduce the bookie’s margin on accas and give you the best possible chance.

Large Accumulators carry lots more risk

Although odds of a large accumulator bet might be very attractive the reality is that those rarely come in. The more selection you add in an accumulator bet, the more chances of losing you have. It is best to focus on 4-folds and 5-folds as you will have more opportunity to win, although wins will be smaller.

It is worth noting that the majority of acca insurance will require you to place a minimum of 4 to 6 selections. By placing more, you will, in fact, dilute the power of the offer as the chances of getting more than one selection wrong will increase significantly.

Bonuses, however, do have higher rewards when you have more selections. So it makes sense to use the acca insurance on smaller accas and the bonus on larger multiples.

Split your bets

Let’s imagine you want to back all the Premier League games of the weekend in an acca and you have a £10 to stake. The first option would be to put all the money on one 10 fold. In this case, you will get massive odds and some bookmakers will also give you an enormous bonus. The issue is that almost inevitably you will lose. A better strategy would be to stake a smaller amount on the 10-fold (like £1) and then split the £9 into smaller accas that have higher chances of winning. For example, you could have 2 x 5 folds and 2 x 4 folds: on those, you can take acca insurance.

In this way, if the big acca comes in you would still get a big payout but by splitting your overall stake, you will have more chances of winning. By using this strategy, you will also take full advantage of both acca insurance and acca bonus.

Don’t forget the draws

When placing a football acca always remember that teams can also draw. In fact, this happens about a quarter of the time in a sport like football that is low scoring. Backing some draws means you can also get very valuable odds that will enhance your total acca payout. For the same reason do not only focus on win draw win market but also consider other markets that have higher odds like HT/FT bets, win and both teams to score and so on.

Use Insurance and select one outsider

You can make use of acca insurance in a smart way. You can choose a few bankers and stick in one risky selection to beef up your accumulator payout. Since you are getting the insurance in the worst case the risky selection let you down, you would still get the money back. Smaller accas with one risky selection in can really boost your overall payout and this is a smart way to make the most of the acca insurance.

Secure several deals at the same time

As we have seen lots of betting sites are offering free bet clubs in addition to bonus offers or insurance. Taking advantage of a double reward on accas will significantly reduce the bookmaker margin and increase the chances for the punters.

Which bookies do ACCA insurance?

There are lots of bookmakers that do acca insurance out there. Some will do ongoing but others will only provide this offer around specific events. It is always important to double check with the bookmaker before assuming anything. This is the list of betting sites that are usually doing accumulator offers:

William Hill
Paddy Power

Do you get ACCA insurance on a free bet?

It depends on the betting site and the free bet offer you are taking advantage of, but generally, accumulators made with free bets are excluded from the promotion. Usually, Acca insurance is paid as a free bet if a punter has placed a qualifying acca made of five or more selections and one is a losing one. The accumulator will also need to have a specific minimum odds (usually 1/5 or higher) and cannot be cashed out or in-play unless specifically mentioned in the terms and condition of the Acca insurance offer.

Can you use free bet on accumulator?

In some cases you can in others not. It depends what free bet offer you are taking advantage of. Some free bets can only be used on accumulators and in this case you can even mix different sports. You would need to be careful that you are satisfying the terms of the free bet offer. Some will require the acca to have a minimum odds and also a minimum number of selections.

What does ACCA insurance mean?

Accumulator insurance means that if one of the selections of your acca betslip will let you down, you will get all or part of your stake back either in cash or in free bets. Acca insurance can save lots of money especially for new customers who are not used to betting and should avoid taking too many risks too early.

What is ACCA boost?

ACCA boost promotion is when a bookmaker will give you an extra bonus (usually 10%) if your accumulator is a winning one. It is essential you read the terms and conditions as the acca will need to satisfy some requirements to be eligible for the boost.

What is ACCA edge?

Acca Edge is an excellent offer for both new and existing Betfair customers. It is Betfair version of Acca Insurance, but acca edge works a bit differently to the other offers. You get money back if only 1 team lets you down. You get cash refund instead of free bets, and there aren’t max refunds. It applies to trebles and above so it is a very generous offer. Always check on Betfair to ensure ACCA edge is still running before placing any acca bets.

Usual Terms And Conditions Accumulator Offers

Terms and Conditions

Below you will find some common Terms and Conditions to watch out for when placing acca bets.

Number of Selections

Acca promotions usually have a minimum number of selections required to qualify. It often is 4 or more. It is crucial to consider this as if you back an acca with the minimum number of legs and one is void, your acca insurance won’t stand.

Minimum Odds

Some accumulator deals will have some minimum odds to satisfy for the offer to be offered.


The majority of acca offers are on football but lots of acca deals can be used on any sports especially if there are major tournaments. You can check this page to find all the latest deals.

Bonuses and Free Bets

You should check the terms of every offer to see how you will get the money back. For insurance offers you normally get the money back as a free bet that you will be able to withdraw when you meet the rollover requirements. In some cases, you will get paid in cash but it is rare.

Maximum payouts

Lots of deals also have associated a maximum payouts amount. This is very important especially when you are placing very large accumulators. It makes little sense to place a huge acca if the bonus deal is capped anyway so make sure you know what the maximum payouts is.

Qualifying Bets and Periods

Make sure you check the qualifying criteria. Some offers might require you to place a minimum bet amount while others might ask you to place the acca bet during a certain period. Don’t assume the offer will run forever or on any day of the week. Always best to check the terms and conditions first.



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