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In this promotion you are starting off with a pot of money and work backwards answering questions. Along the way you are going to choose how much of your pot you are going to risk on every answer. So in a way it is like betting in reverse: you begin with the maximum winnings in your pocket and you decide how much you are prepared to give away depending on how confident you are that you will answer correctly.

All customers will have the opportunity to have a go for 30 days. Paddy Power are giving you a starting pot of £1,000: you will then have to answer a total of 10 questions. In every round you can decide between two questions to answer as in the examples below. Once the outcome of the question is known you will get back the amount you bet on the answer: for instance you can do a £1,000 split on Arsenal not to score first and £0 on Arsenal to score first. If Arsenal do not score first I will get £1,000 to use in the next question but if they do score first I am out and I can have another go after 30 days.

If you answer all questions correctly you will walk away with £1,000 in cash. It is very unlikely that this will happen so you might want to split your cash a bit along the way especially if you are not too sure on some questions.

If you have finished the free games and want to enter again you can also buy tickets. The game in this case is more flexible as you can choose what ticket to buy and also the number of questions you are prepared to answer. For instance if you buy a £50 ticket and 16 questions your final price will be £1,000,000: the mechanic will be the same as the free game we have just seen. The lowest ticket you can buy is £2 with £2 questions with a potential price of £7.

The maximum you can win in cash is £1,000,000 with this game. Once you have the tickets those are valid for 60 days: you will have 60 days to complete the questions. Any cash still available at the end will be credited as withdrawable funds. We strongly suggest to read the terms and conditions of the game before starting.

If you don’t have an account with Paddy Power remember that there is a great welcome bonus for new customers: simply check our Paddy Power review to find all the details and how to claim this great introductory offer.

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