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Only a generation ago the idea of placing bets on a virtual horse race would have seemed ridiculous. Now you can bet not only on virtual horse racing but also on different varieties of virtual sports.

Virtual sports are growing a lot with all the best betting sites that are now providing plenty of betting markets. Differently, from real-world sports there is very little waiting time for an event to begin. You can place wagers on virtual sports at any time you want.

Virtual sports are games which means that they do have fixed odds and fixed payout rates. This is a good thing for customers as, since virtual games are predictable, they can offer lower house margins compared with real sports. This is the same as with casino games.

To get the best value, you need to know what are the best bookmakers for virtual games. In this page, we will list for you both the best betting offers and also the best betting sites where you can bet on virtual sports.

Virtual Sports Betting Offers

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Virtual Sports Montly Free Bets

Every customer who is betting £10 on virtual sports with ComeOn can get a £10 virtual sport free bet. This is great but other betting sites have a similar offer. The difference here though is that you can actually claim this promotion every single month.

For this reason if you like betting on virtual sports you should take full advantage of this promotion as it could deliver an extra £120 a year in free bets.

The free bet is for virtual sports only and it will expire after 3 days. Customers need to opt-in on the promotion page to be eligible for the offer.

With ComeOn you can also earn points for every wager you place. Points can then be exchanged for free bets, spins or bonuses.

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Free Bets For Virtual Sports

Ladbrokes have one of the biggest virtual sports section around. In addition to that, you will be able to get added value when betting on virtual sports.

Usually, Ladbrokes provide matched free bet when you use the product for the first time. As if this wasn’t enough, existing customers can get offers that link together virtual sports and real sports. With those offers, you get virtual free bets when you are betting on real-world sporting events and the other way around.

For instance, you might get something like ‘bet £20 on the Premier League and get £5 to use on virtual football’.

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First time Offers

Coral have been one of the first online betting sites to offer virtual sports markets and not surprisingly they are the best place to bet and also to get great offers.

With Coral you will usually get free bets offers on virtual sports like ‘bet £20 on virtuals and get £20 free’. The amount of free bets given is generally higher than other betting sites.

Similarly to Ladbrokes they also run frequently linked event offers for both new and regular customers.

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Top Virtual Sports Betting Sites

Virtual Sports Guide

Virtual Sports Guide

Virtual Sports are a digitally rendered version of the traditional sports. Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to be able to permanently bet on the sport you like without having to wait for the actual event necessarily.

Lots of betting sites are providing, for instance, virtual horse racing and some have comprehensive packages that also include the likes of tennis, football, cycling and lots more. You might have seen cross product promotions that will invite you to try those virtual games out in change of a free bet that you can use on real world sport.

Since the virtual events are fully managed by software the payout rate is fixed. So there is no unpredictability. For instance if you bet a virtual horse at 20/1 in a virtual game it will win on average every 21 or 22 times. In a real race a 20/1 horse will not necessarily have that winning rate and there is a higher level of unpredictability. Bookmakers react to unpredictability by increasing the margins to compensate for errors. For this reason on balance on virtual games, you can get better odds than in real sports.

How can you bet on Virtual Sports?

Betting on virtual sports is probably easier than betting on a real world event. There are virtual events all day long and you the types of bets you can place on virtual sports are almost the same as the ones you place on real sports. For instance, you can bet on accumulators, correct scores, handicaps winning distance and so on.

As mentioned before, since odds in virtual sports are digitally generated, they are generally fair and reflect the right chances of an outcome to occur. Bookmakers usually have lower margins as there are no surprises for them and can always get a profit out of this activity. After all, virtual sports are like a casino game where odds are fixed. The software that is running the virtual sports is tested for fairness by third-party independent companies.

History of Virtual Sports

In 1961 IBM firstly coded a fantasy-based version of baseball. It wasn’t for gambling reasons but it was intended to demonstrate what could be achieved with computers. Surely modern day virtual sports are a lot different but they are in fact the continuation of that first examples.

Virtual Sports and Online Betting

Virtual Sports Betting

As online betting continued to grow, so did the desire to bet on certain aspects that regular sports couldn’t offer. Because virtual sports are in fact created by coders they can add in whatever people want to bet on. Another main advantage of virtual sports is that they can start at any time. For example, lots of people like to bet on jump racing but if this is out of season, it is not possible in real life. With virtual games, you can be on any sport at any time of the day or night.

Major Virtual Sports Markets

Some virtual sports markets are clearly more common than others. Virtual horse and greyhound racing are particularly appealing and lend themselves well to the virtual world as they have stats that can be applied to the software. Virtual sports are loved by animal rights organisations as they still allow people to bet on horse races without putting the animals at risk.

Other popular alternatives to real sports are virtual American football, virtual tennis, virtual basketball and so on. If you have a sport that you would like to bet in a virtual way, just need to take a look around to the different bookmakers we have advised in this page to see if they have it covered.

Real Sports v Virtual Sports

Surely in virtual sports, there are a lot fewer variations compared to real sport. For instance, you won’t have an unexpected change in a virtual game like for example a player that is dropping out a team at the last moment. Poor refereeing decisions also will not happen. From a statistical point of view is a different way of betting which is a lot closer to the online casino then to real sports.



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